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Depression we all have been there but haven’t talked about it. Depression and suicidal tendencies are two phases of the same coin.

Depression is directly proportional to Suicidal Tendency

Let take a scenario.

When a student XYZ, he started preparing for competition exams so he joined coaching classes, in 4 months he completed maths, English, reasoning courses. So, when he completed his syllabus, he is filling every form of various vacancies. He applied everywhere. He has just completed his syllabus in 4 months in time he didn’t practice so well and he is competing with those aspirants who are preparing & practicing for a couple of years. XYZ didn’t even know the proper pattern of Question papers and he is competing with those highly mature candidates. So now in just 1 year & without a result, he is coming in the zone of depression.
This zone is getting stronger as friends and relatives ask the student that “are you selected or not?” also they even ask XYZ’s parents and when the answer is NO.  Now a psychological pressure is creating and some of his friends may get their salary and now psychological pressure is increased even more. Some of his friends got selected in various exams. Now many psychological pressures have been created for the student XYZ. This leads to a state of suicidal tendencies.

This story doesn’t mean that to crack any competition exam, you have to spend 4-6 years. The hard work that a student had done in 4-6 years the hard work you’ve to put in a single year.
To crack any completion exam you should have a strategy, proper knowledge of question paper pattern. Know your strong and weak points.

The student who watches and read motivational things is aware of these situations and easily cope up with that. Most of the student don’t even touch self-help books or any book which is not relevant to their syllabus.

Prevention is better than cure. The sad thing about depression is that for a long time a person doesn’t know that he has been in a state of depression. So, due to this problem, the situation becomes even worse.


If your limbs are cold even in summers.

If your brain seems a little warm to you. You feel heavier. You don’t have any interest in any work. You forget things. You feel disappointments everywhere. You don’t even pronounce words correctly. Your mouth is always dry.

All the signs mentioned above is a sign of depression or starting phase of depression. If these symptoms you have then you must consult a doctor. Don’t prolong it. Due to this your mental & health problem will rise even more. Keep it out of your mind that this thing will automatically cure itself. 66% of people don’t treat their depression even if they know it. Till then the situation will become worse. People don’t want to meet psychiatrists because they think they are doctors of mental health. Till then depression will become worse. So, when patient consults with doctors they are given with high dose because the patient will not respond with low doses.

If this heavy dose doesn’t give to the patient then their condition will become even worse.
If it’s cured in initial stages then this will end permanently.

World Health Organization on Depression

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