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How to Manage Time for Students?

Best Strategy for Studies and Time Management

In this post, I will tell you about how you can manage your time as well as how you can concentrate on your studies.

The best way is to study without any second thought.

Students have a problem that they can’t concentrate on their studies. Why does this happen? It happens because your concentration depends on three factors.

  1. Interest
  2. Aptitude
  3. Attitude

Your concentration depends on the above three factors. If you have interest then you may not have aptitude even if you have interest and aptitude then you may not have the attitude to do the hard work.

Interest is variable, it changes with time because of difficulty level in it and we get to know our strengths with time.

The only aptitude is not sufficient.
Hard work is Irreplaceable.

Compare Usain Bolt with any other player.
If you’re preparing for any competitive exam this means that you have an interest. If you’re a graduate or 12th passed student that means you have the aptitude.

There is no way to develop interest.

So to develop concentration you can do following this mentioned below:

Whenever you sit to study mark 5 pages to study and Just read them. Only you have to read don’t try to concentrate or memorize it. Just try to understand.

If in 1st reading you didn’t understand then read it the second time.
If in 2nd reading you didn’t understand then read it the third time.
If in 3rd reading you didn’t understand then read it 4th time.
If in 4th reading you didn’t get it then leave the subject it means you didn’t have the aptitude to comprehend the subject or you have to dig deeper.

THE EASIEST THING IS TO STUDY. WHY? Because you just have to sit with some books without putting any physical labor.
Striking a hammer for 2-3 hours will cause you pain and make you weak but studying for longer duration doesn’t affect your body as you can take breaks in between.

So set your phone or any electronic devices on airplane mode and finish 5 pages. Only reading.

If you’re in school then use 8 Pomodoro techniques (4 hours)

If you’re preparing for a competitive exam then use 12 Pomodoro techniques (6 hours)

जैसे जैसे मनुष्य शाश्त्र का अभ्यास करता है, वैसे वैसे उसे उस शाश्त्र के गुड़ व रहष्य का ज्ञान होता जाता है व उसकी ज्ञान प्राप्ति में रूचि बढ़ जाती है

INTEREST is directly proportional to CONCENTRATION

So, work on your interest and your eventually your concentration will improve.

Now coming to the part where we’ll discuss how anyone can make a schedule or time table.
Why time table. Because time table inculcates in us a sense of discipline and discipline, we put effort doesn’t matter big or small. If you go to the GYM on a regular basis. You will definitely see some changes in your physical body for sure. The same goes with study or educating yourself. You have to put little on a daily basis.

We usually make our time table when we get fewer marks or our parents forced us to make us a time table. But that time table is not at all efficient. Isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter which subject it is. Teacher input is 10% in teaching you the right way and student input is 90% to master that subject.

Aklavya learns the skill of archery because his interest lies in it. He learns it when guru Dronocharya teaches other students & he secretly watches them and practised a lot.

So, what do we get from this excerpt? The student doesn’t perform well in their subject because they lack interest in their subject. If you like some subject it means you like the teaching of your teacher who presented that subject in easy manner which creates curiosity inside you to know more about that subject.

Students felt cheated when they are in 11th because in the 10th they have fewer books but in 11th they have categorized books of science like physics, chemistry, biology etc and this their parent do not understand. It’s a phase where a lot of changes faced by a student.

So, it doesn’t matter how strong your coaching classes are or how many you join. You won’t get any results.

If you don’t have an interest in your subject then the first thing which you have to do is to get rid of it. Talk to your father and mother and choose any stream very wisely if you’re in high school.
if you’re still not able to convince your parents. I have a suggestion but to know that you have to comment below.

From the very start, we don’t know what our likeness is and what we want to do. You have to know about your potential.

For this, you may visit psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists they will help you in knowing your potential.

Then whatever you study or stream you choose it will give you result exponentially.

So we have been distracted from the main point we’re discussing that creating a time table, schedule for yourself.


So for this, you have to make a time table.

Every week we have 168 hours.

Make a chart of 24 hours x 7 days.

Now see the chart, and gain the total time you have spent in various things.

The thing that were taught in coaching, school, does not count in study. That is just an input.

So, when you review your time chart of whole week you will find that you have merely studied which may be about 6-10 hours out of 168 hours.

To change this habit. Take one step at a time.

If you’ve studied 6 hours last week then this week you will improve it to 8 hours. So like this raise your hours gradually within coming weeks.


What suits others may not suits you.

Saturday & Sunday are not for rest. This is for recovering your work and do some bonus.

Some personal opinions start your day at 4 AM. Study till 8 AM use pomodoro till 4 hours. i.e., 25 min study and 5 min workout.

Your mind has some capacity and it will increase gradually. Use your most time productively.

Always use time table doesn’t matter wherever you go or whatever you go.


It means you don’t have to look for motivation, then your progress will motivate you.
Thanks for reading until here.

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