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Body Building Secrets By Arnold Schwarzenegger

In this post I’m going to share some points related to bodybuilding which I have taken from reliable sources and books written by Arnold Schwarzenegger I hope we all know who he is and he’s not the one who needs an introduction.
Below are the arnold schwarzenegger 13 Rules of Body Building which are very absolute and derived from his two books.

DISCLAIMER: Bodybuilding does not refer to only gaining bulky muscles. Bodybuilding is a sport in which people enhance their body parts to their limit and compete in the same field. Here I have discussed points related to how to have a good physique and healthy body for men & women.

1. Why Body Building?

Everyone has their own answers but the most relevant answer to this question is because we want three major things from bodybuilding. So before hitting a GYM or working out at home you must decide that for what reasons you’re working on your body. some people wants to have a healthy body so that they can live a health and wealthy lifestyle. Below are most curated reasons for why people starts body building

  • 1st Reason – Strength
  • 2nd Reason – Agility
  • 3rd Reason – Flexibility

So whether you’re a man or woman we desire Strength, Agility and Flexibility in our body while developing our body and for this we join GYM, Yoga Classes and do Intense workout session. Especially most men wants to build muscles bulkier but forget to work upon Agility and Flexibility. So these two things are rarely seen in a person who is building his body. In order to gain a well develop body we have to work on all these 3 aspects.

2. Do not use supplements to gain size

Because of following reason you must not take supplements.

  1. You might have taken some high quality and costly supplement to build and gain muscles rapidly. But the time when you stop taking these supplements then again your body will begin to shrink.
  2. Most of the companies are in market for business and sell fake supplements to make quick bucks. So even spending money on costly protein powder and supplement you will never know what you’re eating.
  3. Don’t do something which gives you immediate benefits and harms you in the long run.

3. How to take protein efficiently

While taking protein from any food source we must know its PDCAAS value. 1 is highest and 0 is lowest.
Below I have mentioned a list of all food source with their PDCASS value. So eat food accordingly.

  • Cow’s Milk – 1
  • Eggs – 1
  • Casein – 1
  • Soy Protein – 1
  • Whey – 1
  • Micoprotein – 0.99
  • Beef – 0.92
  • Soy – 0.91
  • Pea Protein Concentrate – 0.893
  • Sacha Inchi Powder – 1
  • Chickpeas and Soybeans – 0.78
  • Blackbeans – 0.75
  • Tubercles – 0.74
  • Vegetables – 0.73
  • Other peas & Legumes – 0.70
  • Dehulled Hemp Seed – 0.66
  • Fresh Fruits – 0.66
  • Cereals – 0.59
  • Cooked Peas – 0.597
  • Peanut – 0.66
  • Rices – 0.50
  • Dried Fruits – 0.48
  • Wheat – 0.42
  • Wheat Gluten – 0.25

You have to take Protein Supplement. If you’re body Building But take only natural protein supplements.

4. Know what you’re eating

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fibers
  • Water

Best time to take Nutrients


5. Increase Strength

If you’re doing body building then first you have to increase your strength and strength comes when your left and right body builds with same power and strength.

  1. If you’re a beginner then you must not use machines. for example : If a man only use benchpress machine but if he do the same exercise using dumbells then his left hand will get tires first because machine do not put weight equally on the body. For core strength, do chinups, pushups, pullsups, crunches etc
  2. Use free Weights, Dumbells, Barbells
  3. Use machine after 2 Years of free weights if you’re serious about competiting in bodybuilding.

6. Include following exercise in your routine

If you’re a begineer or any professional to gain result ASAP. Include following exercise in your exercise routine.


7. Do not Overtrain, Never

Doesn’t matter whatever exercises you do. Do only 10-15 reps of 5 sets. The last set should be heaviest. It should be as heavy that you wouldn’t be able to perform 10 reps.


Usually people think that, the more you exercise the more and frequently you gain muscle. But we go to GYM to breakdown our muscles and these muscle develop when we rest at out home & take proper nutrition.

9. Either Increase Size or Gain Definitions

At a time you either increase size or gain definition.

For SIZE – Consume Protein + Carbohydrates in Heavy Amount

For DEFINITIONS – Protein + High Repetions

10. Correct Posture

To lift more weight people usually disbalance themselves. If you’re doing exercise for hands then stick your back to a wall and then use dumbells or barbells. This way your growth will be awesome. Do not see the quantity of reps you’ve performed. See the quality of reps you’ve done.

11. Take Protein after Exercise and Rest

Its better to take protein after exercise and rest. The best time to take protein is before sleep because protein takes time in order to get digested properly.

12. Stretching Exercises

If you’re doing body building or for good physique then you must do Stretching Exercises. Most people’s body become stiff due to heavy exercises. So you must warm up before exercise. So you must include stretching exercise before and after your workout session.

13. Include these Activities

If you’re doing body building then you must do one of the following thing.

  2. DANCE
  4. Doing these things will help you gain Agility & Flexibility

My Routine in the GYM

For last few months I have joined a GYM to have good physique. Here’s My Routine for Exercises.

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