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How to wake up at 4 AM?

You may have heard or suggested by your elders that you have to wake up early in the morning for more productivity. Since we all have made our life in a manner that even we know it’s true and we must follow it, We couldn’t do it.

Before knowing how to wake up early at 4 AM, let’s dig into its Why?

All the successful people or most productive people used to wake up early at 4 AM in the morning and then start their day. from this, we can comprehend the pattern of waking up early in the morning and make the rest of the day more productive.

That’s why you should too wake up early in the morning between 4 AM – 5 AM.

Why you should not work late at night?

By the end of the Day

It is because when we work or study late at night it usually results in waking up late. So when you start your day around 7 – 8 AM for some folks it maybe 10 – 11 AM. Your day usually consists of many activities doing many things including meeting with people, listening to them sometimes you like their thoughts, sometimes you don’t due to all of this your brain get tired by the end of the day. So now when you sit at night with that tired brain to work or study and all those things happening throughout the day so the efficiency of your brain will get reduced at that point of time. Don’t you think so? Well, it varies from person to person and their lifestyle, but most of us are like that only.

So let’s say your brain at night is 50% efficient and with that 50% efficient brain you are going to study or work, so what will be the result of the work you do at that time. It won’t be 100% as it should be. The time you dedicate into your work and study will eventually be the result of your success or failure in that field, isn’t it?

Some will argue that it’s not like that they are most productive at night. I completely agree to their point as well but for how long. you might be young now with all the energy and excitement your body is helping you as of now but you have to do work or study throughout your life and you don’t want to work with a less efficient brain.

What happens in the morning?

In the morning your brain is 100% efficient with ZERO clutter and free from tension, stress, anxiety, etc. At this point in time, most of the people are asleep already. There will be no noise around you either nor any kind of distraction these kind of rare things are very rare in the day-time. Now with your 100% efficient brain, you can focus and concentrate on the important part of your work or study. That is why my friend you and I should wake up early in the morning.


  1. Put your Alarm Clock or Mobile away from you.
    When you put your alarm device away from you or if possible put it at any height so you have to put some efforts to turn it off. Do not put alarm device near you the chances are when it will buzz you will dismiss the alarm and go back to your comfort zone thinking that you will wake up in few minutes but that’s not gonna happen those few minutes will convert into few hours and you know that.
  2. Drink water as much as you can when you are going to sleep. This is because in case your alarm is far from you and you’re champion of sleep competition you’ll take the pillow to your ears and continue your sleep. In this situation your alarm device is useless. So if you would have drunk water last night you will have to go to pee. So when you go to the toilet at that time if you want to wake up and little consideration about waking up now. You’re going to do it.

In order to do something meaningful in this great life, you will have to change your old habits & adapt to some good habits. It doesn’t matter how long you stayed up in the night alarm rang you have to wake up no matter what.
Starting days will be tough but what comes easily is not worth it. When your body will adapt this morning schedule it will be a cakewalk then to follow this routine your body will go to sleep at 10 PM to wake up at 4 AM.

It has been scientifically proven that on an average for a person to change its habits requires 21 days. So you have to perform this for the habit of waking up early for straight 21 days at least or more differs person to person.

Benefits of waking up early

Now that you are waking up early in the morning and discuss some of its benefits

  1. Fresh air to breathe
  2. Time for daily exercise, yoga, meditation, book reading, etc
  3. Plan your whole day accordingly
  4. A peaceful time to study or work
  5. No Phone Calls, No WhatsApp Messages, No Facebook notification, Complete focus
  6. No excuse you can give that you don’t have time to do this or that
  7. Extra time for extra productivity
  8. Better Time Management
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