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If you are an aspiring Web Developer & Digital Marketer, It is very essential to know which tools & services you should use in order to get things done faster. In this post, I will be sharing the resources which I use for myself and for my clients. In my experience I have worked with a lot of different tools delivering the same service but which one should I go for? All have different pricing, some are offering more in less price and vice-versa. I will share both free and paid tools that help me in getting things done.

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So starting with the most essential thing that is required to getting started is a great LAPTOP because that is your weapon while dealing with anything from making presentations, graphics, websites, etc So it has to be good and reliable.

I will recommend thing for both students and working professionals. So everyone can take something from this post.


Nowadays laptop is an as powerful machine as Desktops, and in this fast-moving life, everyone wants to get things done at a faster pace, Before buying a laptop you must be acquainted with the specification of the laptop you’re buying, everyone has their own needs and comfort. Some want to browse internet, Some want to code, etc. Buy a laptop that fulfills your needs. Invest in something where you get your things done. Don’t fancy these.

Things that matter while purchasing a laptop –

  1. SSD or HDD (Go for SSD Always, Its faster)
  2. FULL HD or HD (Go for FULL HD – 1920*1080)
  3. i5 or i7 (Go for i7 then consider i5 if the budget didn’t allow)
  4. Backlit Keyboard (It’s a must because there will be times when you’ll work late nights)
  5. Metallic or Plastic Body (Go for Metallic body as it is more secure & robust)
  6. Screen Size – Always go for 15 Inches or above (Good for eyes & entertainment)
  7. Support from Brand – Look for a near service center in case something goes wrong and always extend your warranty period.

Above are the essentials things that I look when I bought My laptop. So students out there who see themselves working on laptop for a longer period of time and have a budget constraint, Please research the best laptop from brands websites and offline market. Make a conclusion and then Go get it.
For professionals out there, since budget isn’t a constraint for you, So you can always go with Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Domain Name

If you’re anyone who needs to get online and have an amazing online presence, then you have to get started with a personalised website for your product & services.
and for that you have to purchase a domain name. Which you can purchase from manay domain name registrar such as GoDaddy, BigRock, NameCheap, Hostinger, Hostgator, Google Domains, Siteground.

So you can go to their websites and look for the best price you could get

My prefer Domain Name Registrar – NameCheap

NameCheap really offers best price for domain name as well as renewal fees. But to purchase from there you must have a debit / credit card that supports international transaction.

If you don’t have then you can purchase domain name from GoDaddy and BigRock they supports indian currency.

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