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Right Way To Choose Gaming Headsets

I tell you what to look for when buying the perfect accessory for video games and what is the best wireless gaming headset.

Having specific gaming headsets for video games can significantly improve the experience. Listening to all the details of the audio as designed by the creators not only fills us with adrenaline but immerses us in the scene in another way, while enhancing our ability in the game. That is why it is essential to have the best gaming headphones. This website will tell you more about choosing the best gaming headset & even more gadgets.

When we decided to add this key accessory of the PlayStation, the Xbox, or the Gamer PC we find that there are so many models, of such varied prices, that we do not know which one to buy without risk of error. Learn which features make them suitable for gamers and which are the best for each platform.

How to choose the best gaming headsets

The gaming headsets we use can be decisive when it comes to winning a video game or to relieve the family of the game’s noises. In addition, the good ones are not exactly cheap, so buying them is not a decision made lightly.

We have to take into account certain requirements that range from form, style, manufacturing quality, connection mode and the platform on which we will use them before choosing. We review everything we should consider.

The shape of the pavilion: the first thing we have to consider when buying our gamers headphones in the shape of their pavilion. It is distinguished in button, supra aural and circumaural type models. The latter, also known as over-ear,  are the most recommended since they offer a higher immersion capacity than the other models.

Pavilion materials: another fundamental point to consider is the material of the pavilion of the headphones. The more padded, more comfortable and more insulating capacity.

Headband: the headband or the part that goes over the head also has to be comfortable if we are going to spend many hours with the accessory on the head.

Sensitivity: it is called sensitivity to the power emitted by the earpiece speaker and is measured in decibels. In gaming models, the standard is between 95 and 120 dB, but the higher its value, the greater the sound power.

Impedance: we call this the resistance that headphones have to the passage of electric current or the dynamic tolerance that a speaker has to withstand more or less power and is measured in ohms. If the tolerance is very low, the headphones may overload and generate unnecessary noise. Therefore, for video games, the idea is that they have between 16 and 60 ohms. In that case, it will be easier to use them on any console, computer, tablet or phone without problems of lack of power but without unnecessary noise.

Frequency response: we refer to the range that the headset emits within the audible spectrum. A human ear perceives about 20 hertz at 20,000. In that frequency range, we listen to everything, so the headset must cover at least that range.

Drivers:  we must look at the size and number of drivers. To generate good bass and realistic effects, you need a wide woofer and, therefore, a diaphragm of 40 mm or more. Therefore, the bigger they are, the better.

Open: if we are going to use them at home, the reasonable thing is to buy semi-open gaming headphones that allow breathing to the ear without losing sound quality for long periods of play.

The best gaming headphones according to the platform

In addition to taking into account all the general characteristics, it is essential to think about the use that we are going to give it and on which platform we will use them. It is not the same to buy headphones for PS4 than headphones for PC since the position in which we play and the audio capabilities are different.

Wireless gaming headphones

Wireless gaming headset reviews to consider before choosing.

The type of connectivity is key to having a good gaming experience. Although there are models that connect through an analog cable or via USB, the ideal is to get a wireless model, as it allows greater mobility during the game. This is less important if we are on a PC since by the same platform our mobility is already reduced (more on Bluetooth headphones ).

Headsets with microphone

It is essential to choose a model with the microphone, both for PC and PS4. The most popular games of recent times – such as Fortnite or PUBG – require communication between teams, so having a microphone attached is key.

WeightIdeally, the headphones should not be excessively heavy, especially if we are going to use them for a long time. It is a good way to avoid headaches.

Stereo or surround sound- To have a really good gaming experience, we must have headphones with stereo or surround sound, since it allows us to enjoy greater precision, for example, when locating enemies on the screen.

Compatibility- Another key thing is to see if the model is compatible with the console or game system that we are going to use. There are models that fit one better platform than another.

PC headphones

We tell you what are the best models to use with the computer.

SteelSeries: The SteelSeries brand is one of the most popular among gamers. Your Siberia 800 model has one of the best values for money, so we can have an excellent gaming experience without spending a fortune.

Logitech: they have the possibility to customize almost all aspects relevant to the game’s audio thanks to Logitech Gaming Software technology: audio, buttons and adjustable RGB lighting. In addition, it allows you to create custom sound profiles for each game. One of the most recommended models is the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum.

Corsair: The Corsair VOID wireless model is excellent. It has to surround sound and its price is extremely reasonable. In addition, it is a model of gaming headset with a microphone for PC, which makes it a perfect complement to any multiplayer game, such as the Fortnite.

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