Krantesh Singh

Lessons from Sadhguru

You want flower in your garden. Now Flower will happen to those people who handle the process right. Unfortunately, we have shifted our attention to the goal. If you have one eye on the goal then you have one eye finding your way. which is very inefficient In you use both your eyes to find your way and your capabilities then definitely you’ll find your way. You must not be concerned about who is getting where. Are you operating to your full potential. You must not compare yourself with others.

You can only enjoy what somebody is doing.

If we do not do, what we cannot do that is not a problem.
but if we do not do what we can do, we are a disaster.

Even my success will be useful.

Life is bigger phenomenon than your intellect.

You think your intellect is your life,
but your intellect is contained in this life process.

Most of the people will get to know about their tomorrow, then they won’t participate in today.

Sensing future means so that we do the right thing today.
that is why you must have something to desire for.

Be always in a state of meditative.

If you fix a purpose of life.

You will do what you think is right.

If you don’t fix any purpose to life. You will do whatever is needed.

And that is what most important today. That we do what is needed not what we fancy.

Every human being is trying to touch something what they are now.

Everyday what is not you becoming you.

The only problem of human being Is that they are not able to handle their own intelligence.

If your experience of life or if your mental state becomes pleasant we say you’re peaceful.

If it becomes very pleasant we say you’re joyful

If your physical body becomes pleasant. We say you’re healthy. If it becomes very pleasant we say you’re in pleasure.

If your emotion becomes pleasant, you’re in love.

If It becomes very pleasant you’re in compassion if your daily life energies become pleasant. You’re blissful.

If it becomes very pleasant we say you’re an ecstasy.

I don’t want to die not trying.

May be it will happen, may be it will not happen.

There are thousand issue in the life but I am not the issue in my life. Always be part of the solution never be part of the problem.

We need education and evolution of society and enforcement.

In a democratic country we need numbers to bring change.

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